Knowledge Package


1. What is the Cell-Reactive Training according to the Theralogy Concept?

We distinguish between Theralogy knowledge and the application developed based on it, the Cell-Reactive Training. The latter is the first possibility to recognize cell communication disturbances in DNA chains by DNA natural frequency reflection and to solve or unfold them sustainably.

2. Who can become a Cell-Reactive Trainer?

Anyone can become a Cell-Re-Active trainer by participating in the prescribed training modules. The training is structured so that it can be learned by anyone, no matter what background knowledge you bring with you.
Doctors, physiotherapists, osteopaths, alternative practitioners, human energetics, but also lateral entrants have already completed our training and said the following about the training:

“Werner Lechner, Austrian physiotherapist: “For me the most causal and logical form of all my advanced training. A must for every practice”

Sonja Gamsjäger, Austrian osteopath: “After my training as a physiotherapist I looked at my clients ‘physiotherapeutically’, after my osteopathic training ‘osteopathically’. Now, after my training as a Cell-Re-Active Trainer, I look at you ‘theralogically’.

We have conducted several interviews for you with our training graduates.
Click on any heading to see what graduates with different backgrounds say about their work with Cell-Reactive Training.

2.1 This is what a physiotherapist says
2.2 This is what an osteopath says
2.3 This is what an alternative practitioner says
2.4 This is what a kinesiologist says
2.5 This is what a healing masseur says
2.6 This is what a human energeticist says
2.7 This is what a young professional says
2.8 What career changers say

3. What’s the training like to become a Cell-Reactive Trainer?

The Cell-Re-Active Basic Study to become a Cell-Reactive Trainer training takes place in theory and practice. You learn theory interactively with your Cell-Reactive Study iPad from the comfort of your own home. For more information, please click on “What is the Cell-Reactive Study iPad?” below. The theoretical part consists of 27 learning units divided into three modules. After each learning unit (approx. 60 – 120 min.), you will receive a knowledge reflection showing what you have already understood correctly. After successful completion, all learning films are permanently available in the Cell-Re-Active media library (3 Cell-Re-Active Basic modules with 27 learning films in total, study time approx. 75 hours).


3.1 Theory

Theory consists of the following three modules:

Module One – Cell-Reactive I ‘Basic Study Nervous System’

  • Basic knowledge of diagnostics/cause-symptom
  • Function and task of the self-healing system
  • Basic knowledge - energy production of cells
  • Cell relevant priority rules
  • Kinetic energy system of cells
  • Difference between stimulus and reflection
  • Differentiating two from three blockages
  • Guarantee of success, regularities
  • The free employee
  • 1A-Test
  • Understanding logic Cell-Reactive Step I Nervous System
  • CRT-Training - Systems in and effects on the nervous system
  • Brain training for the nervous system
  • Learn three complete training sequences

Module Two – Cell-Reactive II ‘Basic Study Meridian System’

  • Communication Training - how to make myself understood
  • Logical Intensive Training - what does it mean if ...
  • Kinetic energy, distribution rule in the meridian system
  • The regulation principle in the meridian system
  • The Cell-Reactive detective in the MSYS
  • The 2A Test in the meridian system
  • Cell-Reactive Training - placements and effects in the meridian system
  • Brain training for the meridian system
  • The 2-stick intensive training
  • Complete procedure Cell-Reactive step II "The Meridian System" to do-it-yourself

Module Three – Cell-Reactive III ‘Basic Study Organ System’

  • He who asks leads. CRT 'Rights and Duties'
  • Logical Intensive Training
  • Laws of movement distribution in the organ system
  • The principle of regulation in the organ system
  • Hyper-hypo tissue states
  • The CRT detective in the organ system
  • 3A Test Organ System
  • CRT Training - systems and effects in the organ system
  • Brain training for the organ system
  • Complete procedure Cell-Reactive Step III to do it yourself
3.2 Hands-on Experience/Practice

After you have acquired the theoretical knowledge about Cell-Reactive Training and have ideally already tried or applied it, we are looking forward to welcoming you to the practice-related Intensive Practical Training Days.

Our practical training days, the so-called "Basic Intensive Practical Training", consist of 3 modules, which further deepen the theoretical knowledge and teach you the correct practical application on humans by certified Cell-Re-Active instructors.

The modules are divided as follows:

Module One: Cell-Reactive Basic Intensive Practical Training:

  • Your nervous system questions - logical Cell-Reactive answers
  • Intensive practical work in the nervous system
  • Exchange of experiences about the application of Cell-Reactive training in the nervous system and reactions in the nervous system
  • Communication for gaining clients
  • Developing home training for the nervous system

Module Two: Cell-Reactive Basic Intensive Practical Training:
Meridian System Intensive Training Day

  • Your meridian system questions - Logical Cell-Reactive answers
  • Intensive practical work in the meridian system
  • Exchange of experiences about the application of the Cell-Reactive training and the reactions in the meridian system
  • Communication for client guidance
  • Work out home training for the meridian system

ModuleThree: Cell-Re-Active Basic Intensive Practical Training:
Organ System Intensive Training Day

  • Your organ system questions - logical Cell-Reactive answers
  • Intensive practical work in the organ system
  • Exchange of experiences about the application of Cell-Reactive training in the organ system and the reactions in the organ system


3.3 What happens next?

After you have completed the basic training to become a Cell-Reactive trainer, you can already work actively and successfully. Thus, you convert your newly acquired knowledge into experience.

After you have gained experience, we offer the possibility of obtaining even more knowledge and practical experience via the Cell-Reactive Certification Study and getting certified as a Cell-Reactive Trainer.

4. What is the Study-iPad?

You will be provided with an Apple iPad 10.2 configured especially for the Cell-Reactive training for the theoretical knowledge transfer at home. The iPad comes with a protective case and offers several interesting possibilities for additional knowledge acquisition:

  • Newsletter with knowledge questions
  • Knowledge Question Media Library
  • CRT Study Area
  • Direct CRT communication channel
  • Knowledge training in groups
  • Study Media Library
  • Observation of cases
  • Special courses

Minimum duration of twelve (12) months – first six (6) months free of charge, after that monthly subscription fee of €23,- plus VAT with all benefits. Always up to date due to constant innovations and additions and technical support. (The Cell-Reactive Study-iPad remains the property of Theralogy)

4.1 Your Study iPad advantages
  • you are time and location independent during your Basic Study time
  • you save time and money - no travel and accommodation expenses
  • all videos with the inventor David M. S. Overbeck
  • possibility to find clear and precise answers to current questions (Cell-Re-Active Study-iPad)
  • better learning results through knowledge reflections on the CRT-Study-iPad
  • exercise instructions for immediate start of practical applications on the client

5. What is the Professional Set?

The professional set contains the necessary tools to put the learned knowledge into practice. In addition, utensils are included to facilitate learning on the Study iPad, such as a folder with pre-printed sheets for you to draw in, fineliners and ballpoint pen. Posters to hang up in your studio are also included. From experience, these are a great help to Cell-Reactive trainers as they summarize essential information on how to use the learnt steps.

Professional Set Contents:
1 Redater Box, 6 Redater M blue, 6 Redater M red, 500 Adhesive Patches M, 500 Adhesive Patches M Special, 2 ear swabs, 2 manuals, 1 home training brochure, 12 x 12-question brochure, 1 ear card, 100 placement sheets, 100 doc sheets, 100 flyers, 120 cleaning pads, appointment cards, 4 fineliners, training folder (50 study placement sheets, 100 blank sheets) 3 DIN A4 pads, 1 ballpoint pen, 6 posters DIN A1 or A3 on the Theralogy concept, 3 poster frames DIN A1 or A3 to hang up on the wall

6. Where do our practical intensive training days take place?

Various seminar locations are available. As these can change, please check www.theralogy.info to see where the next practical training course (Basic Intensive Practical Training) will take place.
The practical training courses always take place in blocks. This means that the practical modules 1-3 (Basic Intensive Practical Training 1-3) are held on one extended weekend (Friday – Sunday).

7. How much do I have to pay for the training?

Basic Training (Cell-Re-Active Basic Study), consisting of Modules I-III with 27 videos, three practical days (Cell-Reactive Basic Intensive Practical Training), the Study iPad 10.2. for one (1) year and the full professional equipment set costs between 2669.- to 3050.- Euro plus VAT. Prices may vary depending on the country.

Please click the ‘Non-Binding Registration’ button for detailed information. This step is not yet legally binding for you.

We would be happy to discuss your economic perspective on your way to becoming a Cell-Reactive Trainer.

We have asked graduates whether the training was worthwhile for them and recorded their responses in the following video.

8. the last question is…

For some, the final question is where is the limit; others wonder what is holding me back from starting the training now?

Others say I have not yet fully understood everything.

If you can answer these questions with yes, register without obligation by clicking on the ‘Non-binding registration’ button.

If you still have questions, please click on the button ‘I still have questions and contact us via the way you prefer, by phone or by e-mail.

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